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How to Journal to Live your Best Life?

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Take control of your 2022

Have you ever looked back at your day, week, or month and wondered what just happened? You're unsure of where your life is going. How awful does it feel to live your life swirled around by its events?

Feelings like this aren't healthy and can lead to unsettling life, and are potential causes of burnout and depression. How do I know this so well? Because I have gone through the phase and recovered from it.

But here is the best part...

It only took me 100 days to recover from it, and all the credit to my Journaling habit I've constantly pursued from 2018.

So in 2022, how about

  • Instead of being swirled around by the tides of life, you were able to take control of it.
  • Tracking your life events and deriving insights about yourself
  • Prepare and practice for your next giant career leap
  • Here is my favorite part, Use professional journaling to feed your lifelong curiosity.
  • Learn how to stick to it every day

What's in the box?

Journaling Guide

  • 15-Page PDF Guide
  • 20 Daily/Weekly Journaling prompts
  • 5 Journaling methods
  • 5 Notion Journaling Template

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15 page journaling guide with prompts and templates

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How to Journal to Live your Best Life?

3 ratings
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