Python To Projects - 4 Week Online Bootcamp (Oct 2023)

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You learned Python, picked one of the best tutorials online, and worked through it. But when you tried to do your project, you felt lost. Did it feel as if you had learned nothing?

You wonder if those hours you have spent learning the language are utter waste. So you switch to other online resources and books that teach Python, but the result are the same. By this time, it feels like a steep climb, or you have concluded that programming is not meant for you.

👩🏻‍💻 I was in your shoes

I took courses, read blogs, and watched YouTube tutorials. But I felt like hitting a wall whenever I wanted to start my project. Nothing crushes your confidence other than staring at a blank screen. Sounds relatable?

Today I am a Python Engineer, building backend systems for the past 6 years. I contributed to open-source projects like Pandas, Rasa, and Airflow. I speak at international conferences, and I am also a Linkedin Instructor.

For me, things changed when one of my friends sat me down and walked me through every step of building an application. Through this Cohort, I want to be that friend who helps you create an idea into a functional Python application.

What is a Cohort?

A cohort is a small group of enthusiastic people who work together to achieve the same learning objective.

📆 More about the Cohort

The next batch starts on Oct 1st, 2023

  • 30+ videos with Exercises
  • Stuck with an error? Ask in the discussion forum
  • 8 Coworking/Mentorship Sessions - 2 - 30 minute sessions/week
  • Each Cohort is just 10-20 people, so everyone gets individual mentoring.


Basics of Python(variables, for loops, conditionals, class, and functions)

Commitment to Spend (at least) 2 hours/week on practices and exercises

📝 What happens in the 4 weeks?

Once you sign up for the course,

  1. You will have access to all the course content via Gumroad.
  2. I will share the code repository using your GitHub ID.
  3. I will send a Zoom calendar invite for all coworking sessions. We can use this session to work on your project together and clarify doubts then and there.

During the 4 weeks

  1. You will go through the course videos
  2. Work on the exercises
  3. We will discuss the exercises in the Coworking session

Testimonial from past Cohort

Find 20+ other email and video testimonials.

Course Structure

Week 1 - Ideation + Python & Flask 101

Week 2 - Features + Python & Flask Advanced

Week 3 - Database and API fundamentals + design

Week 4 - Build your app

Week 5 - Deploy the application


How much Python Do I need to Know?

You must know Python's variables, lists, dict, functions, classes, loops, and conditionals.

Are the sessions recorded?

Yes, all the teachings are recorded videos. You can watch them at your own time.

We use Coworking sessions to discuss, build and work through the exercises.

What is the timing of the Co-working Session?

The timing for Coworking sessions is planned based on the time and timezone comfortable for students.

What happens in the Coworking Session?

As the name suggests, coworking sessions are for us to meet and work on exercises. It happens over a Zoom call.

There won't be any structured teaching. It's mostly for clarifying doubts and bugs and motivating each other.

Why is the Bootcamp priced so high?

  • This is not a udemy course; this is a 30-day intensive Bootcamp designed to take you from 0-1
  • This is not a Python 101 course. You will learn various aspects of project building.
  • If you do this by yourself, it can take a solid 6 months to understand aspects of project building, but we will learn all of them in 30 days.
  • Throughout these 30 days, I will spend time with you, review the code, hiccups, and errors, and formulate a plan to suit your needs.
  • I will assist you in building your own project, From scratch.
  • So you are paying for time, speed, and mentorship

Can I pay via Gpay?

Yes, via Razorpay.

Write an email to me, and I will share a payment link.

Once you have paid, your email address will recieve a link to access the course by the end of the day.

More Questions?

Feel free to contact me at with any questions you might have.

Refund Policy

You can ask for a refund 24 hours after your purchase. During these 24 hours, you can review the videos and see if they fit your goals.

You will get the total amount, no questions asked.

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Python To Projects - 4 Week Online Bootcamp (Oct 2023)

6 ratings
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