Python to Projects - 4 Week [FREE] Roadmap

11 ratings

Python to Projects - 4 Week [FREE] Roadmap

11 ratings

Going from learning Python as a programming language to building software is a huge step. Often beginners get stuck in the loop of tutorials, not knowing how to proceed ahead.

With a little bit of practice and planning, you go from a Python beginner to building a web application in 4 weeks. Sounds impossible, right? But that’s what my Bootcamp students have been doing over the last batch.

The Python Web Stack

1. Git and Github - To version control your source code

2. Databases

3. API & DB Design

4. Building the app

5. Hosting the application

The Roadmap Contains

1. Week on week plan 

2. Resources + Tutorials to follow

3. Everyday email with instructions

About the Creator

Hi, I am Bhavani Ravi, a Python backend Engineer building systems for the past 5 years. I contributed to open-source projects like Pandas, Rasa, and Airflow. I speak at international conferences, and I am also a Linkedin Instructor with a course on Chatbots with Azure.

You might know me from Twitter - @BhavaniRavi_

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